1eafaa2Hi there! I’m Ben.

I’m currently the Product Owner at Brazen, a real-time messaging platform to interact and engage with students, alumni, job candidates, employees and more. I work collaboratively across our engineering, customer success, implementation, business development and leadership teams to set our product roadmap and define new features for our SaaS platform.

Previously, I leveraged digital marketing strategies to drive event attendance and engage alumni volunteers at George Washington University. It was at GW that I first came across Brazen. After spending a year as a customer, I joined our fast-growing startup to leverage my skills in both technology management and relationship building. As an Account Manager, I worked closely with more than 60 university and enterprise accounts to retain and expand their business while communicating how our product aligns with each customer’s individual objectives.

I have always been interested in the use of technology to spread powerful messages, improve business processes and reveal insightful analytics. My graduate work in Information Systems helped to improve my technical knowledge while also teaching me how management, communication and decision-making impact today’s IT projects. I am a problem solver by nature, and am especially interested in opportunities at the intersection of business and technology. Feel free to get in touch or learn more by viewing my resume.